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Brief Academic Biography

My love for multicultural literature, post-colonialism, and feminism grew out of my undergraduate experience at the University of Texas at Arlington. My Master’s program at Texas Christian University has only fostered my growing interest 13043784_10207341316068665_2967848724978370070_nin ecocriticism and ecofeminism in multicultural literature surrounding themes regarding disabilities, and queer studies. As a Chicana feminist, I am interesting in Latinx literature and the representation of the environment and animals. In the process of learning more about graduate studies and my field of interest, I have examined the state of higher education, literature, pedagogy, and found a new love in the digital humanities. My experience in graduate school has increasingly been transitioning from reading scholarship to creating scholarship. When I’m not researching, I enjoy playing with my cats,  playing raquetball, meditating through yoga, watching films and TV shows, learning new vegan recipes, spending time with friends and family, and exploring parks and gardens.

Teaching Philosophy

theory action reflection praxis





TCU Box 297270
Fort Worth, TX 76129
Email: mayra.guardiola@tcu.edu


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